Written by on February 23, 2018


Each day God looks upon his world,
And carefully selects a few,
He gives each one the gift of greatness,
He gave this gift to you.

The course of life is hard and tough
Through a rough and turbulent sea,
But you have been given the gift of greatness
You know these trails must be.

The wisdom you must always have
The courage and the wit
Would crush and baffle a lesser man
and make him want to quit.

But with the staunchness of the great
The fortitude of the strong,
You struggled to achieve your goals
Through years so arduous and long.

The cloak of greatness you have worn
With regal queenly grace,
You’ve wrapped it ’round all those you’ve met
And helped them find their place.

So when God looked down upon his world
And selected just a few,
And gave each one the gift of greatness
We thank Him for choosing you

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