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O my Holy Spirit, perennial font of grace and love, Joy of the Trinity, Creator of the universe, sweetest guest of hearts, light and splendor of souls, I ( name ) the lowliest of the sinners to you come, with humility and confidence and dare to consecrate myself to you.

Divine Spirit, breathe on my weak and sterile being and bring me the light, the warmth and abundance of holy works. Come to my soul to purify everything, which is defective and sinful. Adorn my soul with the immensity of your richness, the power of your gift and the fire of your love. Make my soul your perpetual and sweet Dwelling Place, and a magnificent temple of your Glory.


O my Divine Spirit, furnace of eternal love for souls, in your infinite bounty and charity, you search for the heart of men to give them a new divine life. You want to renew the world with your perennial Pentecost of graces, virtues and gifts. This is the time that souls, more than ever, need your presence, your grace and your power to be detached from sinful ways and to be brought to the ideals of the Gospel and to the imitation of Divine Perfection. Today, I come to you, I consecrate myself to you, and I open myself to your mysterious and divine work, to be completely renewed in body and soul so that I can become a worthy vessel of your bounty and election.


O my Holy Spirit, I believe with all my Heart in your divine love for all the faithful and especially I believe in your love for me. I feel that you have called me, that you knocked at the door of my heart that you are with me, that you fill me with your love and tenderness. Therefore, I want be yours. I want to belong to you and dedicate myself to you and your work forever. Grant that I might know and experience the splendor of your light, the gleam of your flames, the richness of your Grace, the marvels of your omnipotence. Show to me and to all the souls, the face of your Love and the depth of your Divinity, so that my soul and the souls of my brothers might be subdued by the charm of the inexpressible beauty of your Divine Majesty.


O my Divine Spirit, I am yours. Take complete possession of all my being. With all my love, with all my joy, with all the might of my heart I consecrate myself to your divine love, to your sweet bounty.


O my Holy Spirit, in my loneliness please be to me like a mother, like a friend, like a guide, like an advocate. I will be all yours! I will love with the simplicity of a child and with the ardor of a seraphim.


O my Eternal Love, I want to know you, and I want to love you. I want to preach about you, I want to bring you to the souls and the souls to you.


O my Divine Spirit, I love you and I consecrate myself to you, but I have a great fear! I fear of not being faithful to you, of not persevering in your love. I fear that I will be attracted by the things of this world and by the creatures of this world. I strongly fear not to keep my promises and even not to live this, my consecration to you.


O my Love, please, I beg you not to abandon me for my infidelity, for my weakness for my misery. Never do I want to be separated from you; nothing will let me be far from you. I want to be yours forever. Please help me to overcome all my interior and exterior difficulties. I especially consecrate and recommend to you this my heart, subject to all the waves of this earthly life.


O my Holy Spirit, this consecration is like a personal covenant with you. I offer and consecrate myself to you and I beg you to grant me this favor. Confirm me in your Grace, in your Love, in your Work. Be my joy, my consolation, my strength, my rest and my all. In spite of my nothingness, I desire to be your devout servant, your faithful friend. Grant me to be your Apostle, the Apostle of your infinite love, of your infinite tenderness for souls. Grant me to be an Apostle of universal sanctification.


Concluding Prayer

O my Holy Spirit, in all my weaknesses and infirmities, help me always with your grace and win me always with the kiss of your eternal love. Transport me always in the kingdom of truth and charity. Bring me and unite me continuously to Jesus Christ and the Eternal Father.



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