Monday to Friday

12:00 am Gospel Music
5:45 am Rhema Church Pastor Mable Allen 313.881.5352
6:00 am Gospel MusicDeeper Life
6:30 am Deeper Life –The Miracle Ministry of Ross Collette
6:45 am Enjoying Everyday Life Joyce Meyer 800.727.WORD
7:00 am Prayer School Hour Deborah L. Jones 313.865.9611
7:15 am New St. Paul Tabernacle Bishop P.A. Brooks 313.835.5329
7:30 am Faith to Faith Evangelist Faithe Brooks
7:45 am Gospel Music
8:15 am Greater Seth Temple Sanctuary of Praise Pastor Phillip Jackson 248.476.1830
8:30 am Gospel Music
8:45 am Word In Action “Morning Glory” Clarence Langston
9:15 am MORNING BREAKTHRU-with J Sanford Featuring Bishop Ellis of Greater Grace Temple with “Moments of Inspiration” 9-9:15 313-837-1340
12:00 pm Gospel Music
12:15 pm Gospel Music
12:30 pm Gospel Music
12:45 pm (W) Third New Hope Baptist “The Voice of Truth” Pastor Edward Branch 313.491.7890
12:45 pm (F) Ark of Deliverance Stephanie Jones 313.895.2626
1:00 pm (M, T, Th, F) Gospel Music
1:00 pm (W) City Scope/Public Affairs
1:15 pm Gospel Music
2:00 pm Gospel Music
2:15 pm Gospel Music
3:00 pm The Val Monroe Show Val Monroe 313.837.1340
6:00 pm (M) The Clock is Ticking
6:00 pm Music
6:30pm (M) The Dr. John Telford Show Dr. John Telford
6:30 PM (Tu) Gospel Music
6:30pm (Th) Dayspring Baptist Church Dayspring Justice Center 313.806.7552
6:30 pm (Fr) Gospel Music
7:00 pm (M) Gospel Music
7:00 pm (Tu) Robbi Warren Ministries 216.496.3296
 7:00 pm (W)  Courageous Hour, continued.
7:00 pm (Th) Dayspring Baptist, continued Dayspring Justice Center 313.806.7552
7:00 pm (Fr) Gospel Music
7:30 pm (M) Hope In The Lord Pastor DeShawn Wilkins
7:30 pm (Tu) Robbi Warren Ministries – Continued 216.496.3296
7:30 pm (W) Gospel Music
7:30 pm (Th/Fr) Wisdom Principles Dr. Luvenia Miles
8:00 pm (M,Tu) Robbi Warren Ministries – Continued 216.496.3296
8:00 pm (W) Pretty GraceFull Ministries
8:00 pm (Th) Meeting the Needs of God’s People Arzella Knighton 248.661.5545
8:00 pm (F) Gospel Music
8:30 pm (F) Set Free
9:00 pm Gospel Music
9:00 pm (W) The Heart of a Shepherd Church of the Apostolic Faith 810-931-5022
9:00 pm Gospel Music
10:00 pm Gospel Music
11:00 pm (M, Tu) Gospel Music
11:00 pm (W) The Fishermen Evangelist Barb Hines
PO Box 35147 Det. MI 48235
11:00 pm (Th) Gospel Music
11:00 pm (F) Consuming Fire Christian Center Pastor Keith Hudson 734.266.2293


12:00 am Gospel Music
7:00 am Glow Ministries Dr. Gloria Nicholson
7:30 am Gospel Music
8:00 am Tehilim COGIC Evangelist Anita Hollis 248.862.1568
8:30 am Gospel Music
9:00 am It’s Time To Wake Up
9:30 am The Dr. John Telford Show 313.837.1340
10:30 am A Fresh Start Charles Winfield 586.445.0009
11:00 am Revival Detroit with host Donna Harris
12:00 pm J. Sanford Unleashed 313.837.1340
3:00 pm Speak Out Keith Williams 313.215.4121
4:00 pm City Scope/Public Affairs
7:30 pm Gospel Music
8:00 pm – 12:00 am Gospel Music


12:00 am Gospel Music
7:00 am Greater Apostolic Faith Bishop Lambert Gates Sr. 313.843.3660
7:30 am Gospel Music
8:00 am Solomon’s Temple Church Bishop Henry Davenport IV 313.893.1230
8:30 am Messias Temple Church – The Power of Pentecost Senior Pastor, Bishop Grayson734.483.8092
9:00 am Gospel Music
10:00 am Miracle Tabernacle Reverend Virgil Thomas 313-331-3270
10:15 am Gospel Music
11:00 am St. Paul COGIC Pastor Elder Robert Lee Harris 313.331.3270
12:00 pm City Scope/Public Affairs
12:15 pm Gospel Music
1:00 pm Gospel Music
1:30 pm  Martin Evers Missionary Baptist  Royal Priesthood 833-REV-BELL
2:00 pm Marvin Winans Top 10 Hour Pastor Marvin Winans
3:00 pm Perfecting Live Pastor Marvin Winans
4:00 pm Gospel Music
5:00 pm Gospel Music
6:00 pm Gospel Music
6:30 pm Friendship Baptist Church Dr. Samuel White 313.833.1072
7:00 pm Gospel Music
8:00 pm Gospel Music
10:00 pm CBC Youth on the March Crawford Broadcasting Company
10:30 pm Gospel Music
[There are no radio stations in the database]