Keion D. Boone

Lived: 04/01/1978 to 11/18/2017
Served: 09/09/2002 to 11/18/2017 DFD

ACTIVE Firefighter, E-44 (Served on Engine 44), ladder 18; Keion served
the Detroit community as a firefighter, at time of death he was just 39
years old. He left wife Valencia and 2 children, a beautiful girl, Kamiah,
13, and Keion jr, 9, the image of his daddy…

They dedicate their lives to making life better for the rest of us. They get no recognition, no parades, no fortune or fame. Why do it? Because “Greater love hath no man than this, that he would lay down his life for his friend”. They do it out of love. Here’s to Detroit’s Hometown Heroes.

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